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The Truth About Toning Fitness Shoes

Click on the title to view infographic. This infographic explains the difference between the claims made by a fitness shoe manufacturer and the evidence. Source: Visual.ly

2011 Global Low-cost Gym Sector Report, supported by Precor

This report follows on from my 2010 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report. The report investigates how the low-cost gym sector is growing internationally. The report features a series of out-of-sector interviews as well as several ... Read more »

2011 European Health Club Industry Web and Social Media Report

The 2011 European Health Club Industry Web and Social Media Report, supported by The Gym Group Consortium discusses the transformational affect that I believe the social web will have on the European health and fitness ... Read more »

2010 UK Low-Cost Gym Sector Report

This report was my first major investigation into how the UK low-cost gym sector was developing. The report was supported by Precor and published in May 2010. The full report can be purchased from the ... Read more »

Looking through the froth to find the cause at Starbucks Leisure Report March 2008

Looking through the froth to find the cause at Starbucks

Brands with a cause was my recent plea (see: what does my brand stand for? Leisure Report January 2008). Let us ignore the companies bordering on the irrelevant and connect with those that genuinely stand ... Read more »

Low prices everywhere Marketing Journal December 2007

Low prices everywhere

So, are you a Waitrose or a Lidl shopper? A few years ago, you would have been one, neither, but certainly not both. How things change. Now, British consumers are running rings round marketers by ... Read more »

What does my brand stand for? Leisure Report January 2008

What does my brand stand for?

As we say farewell to 2007, just over 16,000 UK companies did not plan a Christmas party. Instead, an insolvency practitioner was surgically extracting every pound of value for beleaguered creditors of these failed companies. ... Read more »

Start the digital dialogue

When Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web at CERN in Switzerland in 1991, we wonder if he envisioned a future where consumers would harness its coalescent power to bargain down the price of virtually ... Read more »

Ignore the Online Buzz At Your Peril

Ignore the online buzz at your peril

Ignore the online buzz at your peril Create an enthusiastic customer in the new digital age of user-generated web content and you have an unpaid evangelist who can authentically speak about the merits of your brand. ... Read more »

It's the trend of the world, Leisure Report

It’s the trend of the world

Most leisure organisations are aware of the need to 'trend watch'. For some, it will be a strategic imperative, while others will treat it more as a 'nice to do' at an annual planning event. ... Read more »

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Brand image for Gymtopia

Global launch of Gymtopia

Gymtopia is a digital story telling platform capturing the social impact projects powered by the global health and fitness industry. The project is now live and already features inspiring stories from the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico. Please visit Gymtopia and get your organisation involved. Introductory video below (click on four arrows to enlarge video):