Frequently I am commissioned to write articles for a broad range of magazines and journals. Below is a small sample:

Recent Articles

State of the UK Health/Fitness Industry, BritSport 2007/08

Summary of the UK Health/Fitness Club Industry

Merger and acquisition activity is this year's major theme with Virgin Active now Britain's second largest health club chain, after Fitness First. This follows Virgin's acquisition of the 47 Holmes Place clubs, bringing the group ... Read more »

Price war on the gym floor, Leisure Report August 2007

Price war on the gym floor

So, are you a Waitrose or a Lidl shopper? A few years ago, you would have been one, neither, but certainly not both. How things change. Now, British consumers are running rings round marketers by ... Read more »

Welcome to Copenhagen, welcome to the future, Leisure Report, June 2007

Welcome to the future – Ray Algar

'My flight to Copenhagen has just been cancelled; the SAS cabin crew are striking'. The well-dressed business traveller placed his phone back in his top pocket, shrugged his shoulders and drifted away. Attending the Copenhagen ... Read more »

Collaborative Consumption, Leisure Report

Collaborative Consumption by Ray Algar

It was during this article for Leisure Report in 2007 that I coined the phrase "Collaborative Consumption". I hope you find the article informative. Collaborative Consumption Spare a moment for those poor retailers who still insist on ... Read more »

Leisure Report Article

Let’s get sentimental

If the company wins this contract, its business will double in size. The owners have spent the past six years crafting a business that they believe provides a great service to customers, most of the ... Read more »

A new way to serve up hotel fitness

It is Sunday evening and you are about to set off on yet another business trip that will see you away from your family and normal routines for three nights. You researched that the hotel ... Read more »

Leisure Report June 2006

The future of the health and fitness club industry

Presently, there are 2,900 private health clubs in the UK, which is one for every 15,000 adults. Let's now move forward to 2016. Do you think there has been significant consolidation? Has there been a ... Read more »

Leisure Report February 2006

Probably the best health club in the world

I was recently talking with Richard Duvall, the founder of Egg, the on-line bank, about his compelling vision to 're-invent' banking. He knew that people were ready for a radically new banking proposition. Eight years ... Read more »

Health Clubs in 2015 – FitPro Business Magazine Oct 2005 edition

The Wanless Report describes a future where individual responsibility for health is the norm. This would produce a paradigm shift from the treatment of sickness to the improvement of health and the prevention of illness. ... Read more »

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Global launch of Gymtopia

Gymtopia is a digital story telling platform capturing the social impact projects powered by the global health and fitness industry. The project is now live and already features inspiring stories from the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico. Please visit Gymtopia and get your organisation involved. Introductory video below (click on four arrows to enlarge video):