Washington Post survey shows many Americans do not yet support the reopening of gyms.

May 13, 2020

The Washington Post and the University of Maryland have recently published a survey which describes how the majority of Americans do not yet support the opening of many retail businesses, including gyms. Approximately half of the 50 US states have begun easing restrictions in an attempt to reboot the economy, ...

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Welcome to the future, welcome to the impact economy

April 18, 2020

Below is a chapter I have written for a new book titled: Horizon 2030. The book was due to be published at the European Health and Fitness Forum in Cologne during April 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the book will now be published in September 2020. Introduction For some businesses in ...

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Peloton sprints towards one million connected fitness subscribers

April 13, 2020

Here are some of the most recent Peloton numbers (period ending March 2020 as) the business sprints towards one million paid subscribers. Peloton defines a connected subscriber as someone paying the £39/$39 to access live and on-demand classes. It defines a subscriber as currently paying and/or temporarily paused. You can ...

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What clients say

I have followed Ray’s industry research for many years. In fact, I was inspired to create Liikku after I read his UK low-cost gym sector report. It opened my eyes to the possibility that Finland could be ready for a simpler and more affordable year-round fitness experience. It is a tremendous asset for Liikku to be able to tap into Ray’s experience and insights.

Johanna Riihijärvi, CEO, Liikku

Ray is one of the best researchers that I know. His insight into new trends is invaluable and ensures that he is at the forefront of new developments. Ray has a strong marketing background and knowledge of the web is definitely one of his strengths.

Rob Gregory, Managing Director, Lifetime Health Ltd