London 2012 – Marathon or Sprint – Ray Algar

In the first article in this two-part series (2012 – After the golden show, Leisure Report, October 2008), I discussed the size of the ambition that organisers and stakeholders have set for London 2012. London aspires to go far beyond any previous host city to
leave a tangible and enduring participation legacy that enriches the lives of those not just in the UK, but globally. The economic and ‘hard’ legacy that flows from hosting the world’s largest sports event is now a given and London is looking way beyond physical regeneration. This is a games designed to move people; to ignite dreams and inspire individuals to leave the comfort of the sofa and
experience the joy of human movement. The ambition is to enthuse more people to be more active, more often across both structured sport and in their everyday lives. This article explores the participatory aspects of London’s legacy and its ambition to get the nation moving.

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