Ignore the online buzz at your peril

Ignore the Online Buzz At Your Peril

Ignore the online buzz at your peril
Create an enthusiastic customer in the new digital age of user-generated web content and you have an unpaid evangelist who can authentically speak about the merits of your brand. Upset them at your peril.

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A few years ago, poor service or a defective product triggered a letter of complaint, which may have sometimes escalated to the local media. If you were very unlucky, it may have attracted national attention. C’est la vie. You wait a few days; the papers are pulped and then ‘business as usual’. Do you recall the often-quoted conference statistic about the unhappy customer who tells 13 people about their experience. Perhaps, the curt greeting they received from the hotel reception during a recent stay or the iPod that inexplicability stops working precisely one day after the warranty expires? Well, welcome to 2007 where they now go on-line and tell not 13, but 1.3 million about the experience. Upset a ‘tech-savvy’ customer now and you potentially unleash a digital diatribe with a warts and all account posted on dozens of review web sites and personal web logs (blogs), which is captured by the search engines within a few hours. Phase two of the complainant’s strategy is to set up a protest web site and web log and forensically critique and expose any and every customer-facing issue since the company was formed.

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Global launch of Gymtopia

Gymtopia is a digital story telling platform capturing the social impact projects powered by the global health and fitness industry. The project is now live and already features inspiring stories from the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico. Please visit Gymtopia and get your organisation involved. Introductory video below (click on four arrows to enlarge video):