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Fitness brand insight reports

During this year, I will be publishing a new series of short reports that focus on a single fast-growing global fitness brand. The purpose of these strategic reports is that within one hour, a reader will acquire a deep understanding of a brand’s ‘secret sauce’ and why it is resonating globally with consumers.

Why I am publishing these strategic brand reports

The fitness industry is evolving rapidly and new brands and fitness concepts are being constantly introduced. However, why is it that one brand grows rapidly and scales globally while another fails to extend beyond a few locations? Often there is an abundance of information available to read on these brands but much of it is superficial news and not deep strategic business insight with transferrable lessons and ideas that others can apply to their own business. The reports will ask challenging questions and, as with all my previous reports, be rigorously researched. They will be graphically illustrated to aid readability and long-term memory recall.

Freely distributed

The full report will be free to read rather than sold. A maximum of two organisations will be invited to financially support a report and to be officially associated with it. This will allow the report to be widely distributed and attract a global readership.

Would you like to collaborate?

Please get in touch if you would like your business to potentially be associated with the first report.