A visual summary of what the Precor acquisition brings to Peloton

Although today’s news has been predominantly about Peloton, I am excited for the entire Precor team who now join a business where there will be a deeper sense of genuine strategic fit — Precor will bring much to Peloton but imagine what Peloton will be bringing to Precor. In a way, ...

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What does your business stand for?

This has been an extremely challenging period for people and business but now vaccines and vaccinations are on their way to give us all a much-needed boost. As we look forward to 2021 now could be an opportune time to reflect on what businesses need to take into the next year ...

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What all business leaders can learn from pilots during a crisis

A few years ago, I was at a family and friends gathering and got speaking to a British Airways (BA) pilot. We began discussing pilot training in the event of an emergency. With their adrenalin pumping and numerous calls on their attention, what is the crew’s immediate priority? It turns ...

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