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The evolution of the UK health club industry

This is a visual timeline that I recently produced for the UK Leisure ReportJournal. It is a 30-year timeline showing how the UK private health club industry has evolved. I hope you like it.    

Looking through the froth to find the cause at Starbucks

Below is an excerpt from my recent Starbucks article for Leisure Report Journal. Brands with a cause was my recent plea (see: what does my brand stand for? Leisure Report January 2008). Let us ignore the companies bordering on the irrelevant and connect with those that genuinely stand for something. Life ...

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Price war on the gym floor – low prices, no-frills everywhere

Excerpt from my recent Leisure Report article. ------------------------------------- So, are you a Waitrose or a Lidl shopper? A few years ago, you would have been one, neither, but certainly not both. How things change. Now, British consumers are running rings round marketers by being a Waitrose shopper on Monday and a Lidl ...

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Welcome to Copenhagen, welcome to the future

Excerpt from my Leisure Report article where I attended the DontStop02 Conference, organised by the Copenhagen Institute for Future Studies. ---------------------------------------------------------------- ‘My flight to Copenhagen has just been cancelled; the SAS cabin crew are striking’. The well-dressed business traveller placed his phone back in his top pocket, shrugged his shoulders and drifted ...

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Collaborative Consumption article by Ray Algar

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Leisure Report magazine in April 2007. ------ Spare a moment for those poor retailers who still insist on putting 'things' in windows, accompanied by a fixed price tag. How quaint. In bygone times when asymmetrical information flourished (when the retailer knew far ...

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Exercise machines to shape our lives – Intelligent Life magazine

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Intelligent Life magazine (an Economist group publication): ------------------- The irony, in this brave new world of the Human Genome project and space tourism, is that more of us will die from `lifestyle` diseases than any other cause of death.It is by far ...

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The future of health and fitness within hotels

Below is an excerpt from an article I wrote for Leisure Report (A new way to serve up hotel fitness) on how I see a very different kind of health and fitness proposition for hotels. What follows is a story about Brio House, which is a hotel I conceived and ...

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On-line opinion monitoring – Leisure Report article January 2007

This is an excerpt from my recent Leisure Report article. If the company wins this contract, its business will double in size. The owners have spent the past six years crafting a business that they believe provides a great service to customers, most of the time. They have invested heavily in ...

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