This part of my website captures infographics created by me and other people. I believe the purpose of a great infographic is to convey large amounts of sometimes complex information in a clear and visually appealing way. The output should be both visually beautiful but also ‘data robust’.


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Recent Infographics


Australian and New Zealand Fitness Industry Survey 2013

Since 2008 Ezypay has been conducting the Fitness Industry Survey across Australasia. Each year they survey both owners, managers and members across Australia and New Zealand. Here is an infographic summarising the 2013 results.

Decline in health of the United States

Declining health of the United States

Nice infographic by Anytime Fitness showing the decline in the health of the United States. What good is wealth without health?


Physical inactivity is doing you no good

This infographic courtesy of Technogym illustrates some of the issues associated with physical inactivity. I am probably most guilty of sitting for far too long staring at my Mac screen - although I do have ... Read more »

Ray Algar's 2012 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report

2012 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report

  This illustration summarises the key findings from the 2012 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report. Do you like this infographic? Please share some love on Twitter or Facebook: Click on the main graphic to enlarge.

The career achievements of Roger Federer

The career achievements of Roger Federer

Following Roger Federer winning the Wimbledon Mens Title for the seventh time this year, I was curious to see the evidence that supports the idea that he is the sport's greatest ever player. The following ... Read more »

olympic graph

How the Olympics is becoming progressively global

Beautiful work by Alicia Korn, a designer based in San Francisco that illustrates the growing participation of countries in the modern Olympic Games. This infographic maps the growth from 1896 to the Beijing Games in ... Read more »

The Times infographic

UK health and fitness industry – key numbers

This nice infographic appeared in the Times newspaper on June 5th 2012 to coincide with the release of the 2012 State of the UK Fitness Industry, a report published annually by The Leisure Database Company. ... Read more »

Obesity in America |

Obesity In America

Infographic showing obesity rates and underlying behaviours:         View a larger version of this infographic. Source: Hartman Group  

The Growing Obesity Crisis

This infographic summarises some of the global obesity statistics: Source:

The Truth About Toning Fitness Shoes

Click on the title to view infographic. This infographic explains the difference between the claims made by a fitness shoe manufacturer and the evidence. Source:

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Brand image for Gymtopia

Global launch of Gymtopia

Gymtopia is a digital story telling platform capturing the social impact projects powered by the global health and fitness industry. The project is now live and already features inspiring stories from the United States, United Kingdom, Argentina and Mexico. Please visit Gymtopia and get your organisation involved. Introductory video below (click on four arrows to enlarge video):