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I founded Oxygen Consulting in 2004 having worked in the ‘active leisure’ industry since graduating from University. My early leisure career was spent as a senior manager for Dolphin Adventure Holidays, one of the UK’s largest operators of American-style children’s summer sports camps.

  The global health and fitness industry

For the majority of my career, I have been strongly connected to the health and fitness industry. During this time, I have held senior roles with both large and small health and fitness club groups. I have also worked on the ‘supplier’ side of the industry and so possess a deep understanding into this exciting industry.

In 2005, I became a Trustee of Wave Leisure Trust which now operates eight leisure centres in Southern England. Leisure Trusts operate approximately 30% of the UK’s public leisure centres with a combined turnover in excess of £1 billion so play an influential role in getting the public active. I became Chairman of Wave Leisure in 2010 until stepping down in 2012 in order to focus on Oxygen’s projects. I believe I made a significant contribution during this time with Peter Crowley, the Chief Executive saying that ‘my ability to access the most complex issues and offer options for a resolution has been so important.’

Consultancy assignments

The consultancy and research assignments that I now undertake have a UK and international perspective. Recently, I completed a consultancy project for a Russian client who required insight into the low-cost gym segment. Then back in the UK, I helped an established independent health club in Surrey to sell their business to Anytime Fitness, the fast-growing gym franchise. I’ve worked on large projects with adidas that involved collaborating closely with the UK managing director and smaller assignments when Precor, a leading fitness equipment manufacturer, invited me to run a half-day trends briefing for one of their clients.

Industry reports

When not engaged with consulting assignments, I produce strategic industry reports which attract a global readership.

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Health club industry mid-market report-Ray Algar Oxygen Consulting (Click to enlarge)

Below is a current summary of my reports:

  • 2015 Health Club Industry Mid-Market Report.
  • 2015 UK Boutique Fitness Sector Report.
  • 2014 Review of the UK Health and Fitness Industry and 2015 Outlook.
  • 2014 Fitness Sector Social Good Report.
  • 2013 Review of the UK Health and Fitness Industry and 2014 Outlook.
  • 2012 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report.
  • 2011 Global Low-cost Gym Sector Report.
  • 2011 European Health Club Industry Web and Social Media Report.
  • 2010 UK Low-cost Gym Sector Report.

The reports can be purchased from my Knowledge Store.

Conference talks and workshops

I am often invited to deliver thought-provoking talks at conferences in Asia, the United States, Latin America and Europe on a range of a marketing, technology, research and trends-based themes.

Independent and impactful

New customer or market insight coupled with decisive management action leads to some very exciting results. I can breathe expertise and impetus into a project and deliver all the expected outcomes. I can identify opportunities that are only visible to someone unclouded by industry rules and norms. Also, I provide the independent perspective and rigour that may be expected by third party project partners such as investors and financial institutions.

Always be learning

I have an insatiable appetite for knowledge and so aim to return to University every ten years. I have an MBA from Kingston Business School in the UK, a Masters degree in Marketing from the University of Greenwich and a Sports Studies and Psychology degree from the University of Kent (UK). This helps to keep me sharp, intellectually curious and ensure my work is rigorous.

Company story

Oxygen Consulting company story

Oxygen Consulting company story (click to enlarge)

To better understand why I am attracted to the global health and fitness industry, please download and read the Oxygen Consulting Company Story.

New opportunities

I am always scanning the web and everyday life for ideas that help the world to become more physically active. So if you have an idea that we could potentially collaborate on, please do get in touch.

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