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Welcome to my website where the core purpose of my work is to provide compelling strategic business insight for organisations connected to the global health and fitness industry.  I create significant value by blending my experience as both a management consultant and previous health club operator. As you browse this website, I hope you get a sense for my distinctive approach. I am very good at strategic business assignments and seeing the ‘big picture’, but also committed to implementation and delivering immediate results. I call this ‘insight with action’, where I take market or customer knowledge and help organisations to translate it into robust management actions.

Using this website

There is a considerable amount of material on this website and so I suggest you take away what you need and then make regular visits as I am constantly adding new reports, articles, conference presentations, infographics and other content. I have now researched and published (as of January 2016) nine major reports on the health and fitness industry. All can be purchased from my Knowledge Store.

Company story

To better understand why I am attracted to the global health and fitness industry, please download and read the Oxygen Consulting Company Story.

I do hope you enjoy using my website and find it informative. Please do leave me your comments and remember that I am available for researchconsulting assignments and speaking engagements. You can get in touch with me here and connect with me on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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